42 sailors in the Global Solo Challenge


42 sailors are now committed to the next Global Solo Challenge which will set sail from La Coruña in Spain, with the first boats setting off in September next year.

The 42nd competitor, announced this week, is the Italian Riccardo Tosetto, a yachting professional. He joins solo sailors from the UK, France, Australia, Spain, Belgium, USA, Estonia, Switzerland and Holland.

Jamie Young of the Killary Adventure Center was the sixth sailor to enter the race. It has traveled 200,000 nautical miles at all latitudes. When registering, he explained to the organizers why he had signed up: “Above all, because I could participate with my own boat and keep a reasonable budget. I’ve owned Killary Flyer for over 20 of her 40 years and have full faith in her to keep us both safe and well. My first transatlantic races were in very simple boats – no motor / toilet – just a bucket and throw it away / no VHF or other radio – just a sextant and dead reckoning with paper charts… I forgot the one most now.

The event is organized by UK registered company Marco Nannini LTD, of Harrow, Middlesex, as a ‘single round the world east’ on production boats, built before 2005, between 32ft and 55ft , nonstop by the three great Capes without assistance.

The boats will be grouped by performance and will leave in successive departures over 11 weeks. “Once at sea, there are no lessons. The fastest boats will have to attempt to catch up to the slower boats, with the chase factor creating competitive interest and an exciting event for the public and sponsors. The first boat to cross the finish line wins. The performance differential between the boats is taken into account in the staggering of the starts, which avoids having to calculate compensated times”, specify the organizers.

Ricardo Tosetto

The 42nd competitor, Riccardo Tosetto, will sail on a Class 40. “From the age of eighteen, my passion became my job. I spend more than eight months a year at sea on a boat. Sailing solo allows you to feel in harmony with your boat, to put yourself to the test, you have to overcome all the obstacles by putting all the energy possible into it.


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